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I am a Marine (Once a Marine, Always A Marine!)  As a free American citizen I was introduced to firearms by my Father, a World War II,  US Navy B-24 Belly Gunner. The USMC provided me the world's finest rifle and pistol training.  Recently, I attended a prestigious shooting institute in Nevada and in June 09,I attended the State of Texas Department of Public Safety Concealed Handgun Instructor's Course in Austin, Texas.  My Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor's License # is 02514271.  I have a current Texas, Florida and Utah CHL. My goal is to provide quality training to qualified Texans to prepare them to be "Willing and Able"/ "Volens Et Potens" to lawfully defend themselves, their families and their liberties, a right given by God and codified in our US Constitution.  


Contact me in San Antonio, Texas, to coordinate your training. Email:


       ABOUT ME
Professional CHL Instruction from a Texas DPS Certified Trainer and  Marine Colonel Retired
"When your life is on the line, you need the best training possible"

Volens Et Potens, LLC
"Are You Willing and Able"

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